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org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::util::accesslog::Filter Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::util::accesslog::Filter:

org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::util::accesslog::LogFilter org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::util::accesslog::SessionFilter

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Detailed Description


Filter interface is designed to make it easier to use Access Logs for JMeter test plans. Normally, a person would have to clean a log file manually and create the JMeter requests. The access log parse utility uses the filter to include/exclude files by either file name or regular expression pattern.

It will also be used by HttpSamplers that use access logs. Using access logs is intended as a way to simulate production traffic. For functional testing, it is better to use the standard functional testing tools in JMeter. Using access logs can also reduce the amount of memory needed to run large test plans.


Definition at line 40 of file Filter.java.

Public Member Functions

void excludeFiles (String[] filenames)
void excludePattern (String[] regexp)
String filter (String text)
void includeFiles (String[] filenames)
void includePattern (String[] regexp)
boolean isFiltered (String path, TestElement sampler)
void reset ()
void setReplaceExtension (String oldextension, String newextension)

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