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List org::apache::jmeter::testelement::JTLData::getStats ( List  urls  )  [inline]

The purpose of the method is to make it convienant to pass a list of the URLs and return a list of the SamplingStatCalculators. If no URLs match, the list is empty. The SamplingStatCalculators will be returned in the same sequence as the url list.

array list of non-null entries (may be empty)

Implements org::apache::jmeter::report::DataSet.

Definition at line 81 of file JTLData.java.

        ArrayList items = new ArrayList();
        Iterator itr = urls.iterator();
        if (itr.hasNext()) {
            SamplingStatCalculator row = (SamplingStatCalculator)itr.next();
            if (row != null) {
        return items;

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