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org::apache::jmeter::samplers::SampleSaveConfiguration Class Reference

Inherits java::io::Serializable.

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Detailed Description

Holds details of which sample attributes to save.

The pop-up dialogue for this is created by the class SavePropertyDialog, which assumes: For each field XXX

Definition at line 59 of file SampleSaveConfiguration.java.

Public Member Functions

int assertionsResultsToSave ()
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
DateFormat formatter ()
String getDelimiter ()
int getVarCount ()
String getXmlPi ()
int hashCode ()
boolean printMilliseconds ()
 SampleSaveConfiguration (boolean value)
boolean saveAssertionResultsFailureMessage ()
boolean saveAssertions ()
boolean saveAsXml ()
boolean saveBytes ()
boolean saveCode ()
boolean saveDataType ()
boolean saveEncoding ()
boolean saveFieldNames ()
boolean saveFileName ()
boolean saveHostname ()
boolean saveLabel ()
boolean saveLatency ()
boolean saveMessage ()
boolean saveRequestHeaders ()
boolean saveResponseData ()
boolean saveResponseData (SampleResult res)
boolean saveResponseHeaders ()
boolean saveSampleCount ()
boolean saveSamplerData ()
boolean saveSamplerData (SampleResult res)
boolean saveSubresults ()
boolean saveSuccess ()
boolean saveThreadCounts ()
boolean saveThreadName ()
boolean saveTime ()
boolean saveTimestamp ()
boolean saveUrl ()
void setAssertionResultsFailureMessage (boolean b)
void setAssertions (boolean assertions)
void setAsXml (boolean xml)
void setBytes (boolean save)
void setCode (boolean code)
void setDataType (boolean dataType)
void setDefaultDelimiter ()
void setDefaultTimeStampFormat ()
void setDelimiter (String delim)
void setEncoding (boolean encoding)
void setFieldNames (boolean printFieldNames)
void setFileName (boolean save)
void setFormatter (DateFormat fmt)
void setHostname (boolean save)
void setLabel (boolean label)
void setLatency (boolean latency)
void setMessage (boolean message)
void setRequestHeaders (boolean r)
void setResponseData (boolean responseData)
void setResponseHeaders (boolean r)
void setSampleCount (boolean save)
void setSamplerData (boolean samplerData)
void setSubresults (boolean subresults)
void setSuccess (boolean success)
void setThreadCounts (boolean save)
void setThreadName (boolean threadName)
void setTime (boolean time)
void setTimestamp (boolean timestamp)
void setUrl (boolean save)
void setVarCount (int varCount)

Static Public Member Functions

static SampleSaveConfiguration staticConfig ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int SAVE_NO_ASSERTIONS = 0

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

Object readResolve ()

Private Attributes

boolean assertions = _assertions
int assertionsResultsToSave = _assertionsResultsToSave
boolean bytes = _bytes
boolean code = _code
boolean dataType = _dataType
String delimiter = _delimiter
boolean encoding = _encoding
boolean fieldNames = _fieldNames
boolean fileName = _fileName
transient DateFormat formatter = _formatter
boolean hostname = _hostname
boolean label = _label
boolean latency = _latency
boolean message = _message
boolean printMilliseconds = _printMilliseconds
boolean requestHeaders = _requestHeaders
boolean responseData = _responseData
boolean responseDataOnError = _responseDataOnError
boolean responseHeaders = _responseHeaders
boolean sampleCount = _sampleCount
boolean samplerData = _samplerData
boolean saveAssertionResultsFailureMessage = _saveAssertionResultsFailureMessage
boolean subresults = _subresults
boolean success = _success
boolean threadCounts = _threadCounts
boolean threadName = _threadName
boolean time = _time
boolean timestamp = _timestamp
boolean url = _url
transient int varCount = 0
boolean xml = _xml

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean _assertions
static int _assertionsResultsToSave
static final boolean _bytes
static final boolean _code
static final boolean _dataType
static final String _delimiter
static final boolean _encoding
static final boolean _fieldNames
static final boolean _fileName
static final DateFormat _formatter
static final boolean _hostname
static final boolean _label
static final boolean _latency
static final boolean _message
static final boolean _printMilliseconds
static final boolean _requestHeaders
static final boolean _responseData
static final boolean _responseDataOnError
static final boolean _responseHeaders
static final boolean _sampleCount
static final boolean _samplerData
static final boolean _saveAssertionResultsFailureMessage
static final
_static = new SampleSaveConfiguration()
static final boolean _subresults
static final boolean _success
static final boolean _threadCounts
static final boolean _threadName
static final boolean _time
static final boolean _timestamp
static final String _timeStampFormat
static final boolean _url
static final boolean _xml
static final String ALL = "all"
static final String ASSERTION_RESULTS_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.assertion_results"
static final String ASSERTIONS_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.assertions"
static final String DEFAULT_DELIMITER = ","
static final String DEFAULT_DELIMITER_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.default_delimiter"
static final String ENCODING_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.encoding"
static final String FALSE = "false"
static final String FIRST = "first"
static final String LATENCY_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.latency"
static final String MILLISECONDS = "ms"
static final String NONE = "none"
static final String OUTPUT_FORMAT_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.output_format"
static final String PRINT_FIELD_NAMES_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.print_field_names"
static final String REQUESTHEADERS_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.requestHeaders"
static final String RESPONSEHEADERS_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.responseHeaders"
static final String SAMPLERDATA_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.samplerData"
static final String SAVE_BYTES_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.bytes"
static final String SAVE_DATA_TYPE_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.data_type"
static final String SAVE_FILENAME_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.filename"
static final String SAVE_HOSTNAME_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.hostname"
static final String SAVE_LABEL_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.label"
static final String SAVE_RESPONSE_CODE_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.response_code"
static final String SAVE_RESPONSE_DATA_ON_ERROR_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.response_data.on_error"
static final String SAVE_RESPONSE_DATA_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.response_data"
static final String SAVE_RESPONSE_MESSAGE_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.response_message"
static final String SAVE_SAMPLE_COUNT = "jmeter.save.saveservice.sample_count"
static final String SAVE_SUCCESSFUL_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.successful"
static final String SAVE_THREAD_COUNTS = "jmeter.save.saveservice.thread_counts"
static final String SAVE_THREAD_NAME_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.thread_name"
static final String SAVE_TIME_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.time"
static final String SAVE_URL_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.url"
static final long serialVersionUID = 7L
static final String SUBRESULTS_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.subresults"
static final String TIME_STAMP_FORMAT_PROP = "jmeter.save.saveservice.timestamp_format"
static final String TRUE = "true"
static final String XML = "xml"
static final String XML_PI = "jmeter.save.saveservice.xml_pi"

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