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org::apache::jmeter::samplers::SampleResult Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::jmeter::samplers::SampleResult:

org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSampleResult org::apache::jmeter::samplers::StatisticalSampleResult

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is a nice packaging for the various information returned from taking a sample of an entry.

Definition at line 46 of file SampleResult.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAssertionResult (AssertionResult assertResult)
void addSubResult (SampleResult subResult)
void configure (Configuration info)
int getAllThreads ()
AssertionResult[] getAssertionResults ()
int getBytes ()
String getContentType ()
String getDataEncoding ()
String getDataEncodingNoDefault ()
String getDataEncodingWithDefault ()
String getDataType ()
long getEndTime ()
int getErrorCount ()
int getGroupThreads ()
long getIdleTime ()
long getLatency ()
String getMediaType ()
SampleResult getParent ()
String getRequestHeaders ()
String getResponseCode ()
byte[] getResponseData ()
String getResponseDataAsString ()
String getResponseHeaders ()
String getResponseMessage ()
String getResultFileName ()
int getSampleCount ()
String getSampleLabel (boolean includeGroup)
String getSampleLabel ()
String getSamplerData ()
SampleSaveConfiguration getSaveConfig ()
long getStartTime ()
SampleResult[] getSubResults ()
String getThreadName ()
long getTime ()
long getTimeStamp ()
URL getURL ()
String getUrlAsString ()
boolean isMonitor ()
boolean isResponseCodeOK ()
boolean isStampedAtStart ()
boolean isStopTest ()
boolean isStopTestNow ()
boolean isStopThread ()
boolean isSuccessful ()
void latencyEnd ()
synchronized boolean markFile (String filename)
void sampleEnd ()
void samplePause ()
 SampleResult (long stamp, long elapsed)
 SampleResult (SampleResult res)
void sampleResume ()
void sampleStart ()
void setAllThreads (int n)
void setBytes (int length)
void setContentType (String string)
void setDataEncoding (String dataEncoding)
void setDataType (String dataType)
void setEncodingAndType (String ct)
void setErrorCount (int i)
void setGroupThreads (int n)
void setLatency (long latency)
void setMonitor (boolean monitor)
void setParent (SampleResult parent)
void setRequestHeaders (String string)
void setResponseCode (String code)
void setResponseCodeOK ()
void setResponseData (String response)
void setResponseData (byte[] response)
void setResponseHeaders (String string)
void setResponseMessage (String msg)
void setResponseMessageOK ()
void setResultFileName (String resultFileName)
void setSampleCount (int count)
void setSampleLabel (String label)
void setSamplerData (String s)
void setSaveConfig (SampleSaveConfiguration propertiesToSave)
void setStampAndTime (long stamp, long elapsed)
void setStopTest (boolean b)
void setStopTestNow (boolean b)
void setStopThread (boolean b)
void setSuccessful (boolean success)
void setThreadName (String threadName)
void setTime (long elapsed)
void setTimeStamp (long timeStamp)
void setURL (URL location)
void storeSubResult (SampleResult subResult)
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SampleResult createTestSample (long elapsed)
static SampleResult createTestSample (long start, long end)
static long currentTimeInMs ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String BINARY = "bin"
static final String DEFAULT_HTTP_ENCODING = "ISO-8859-1"
static final String TEXT = "text"

Protected Member Functions

 SampleResult (long elapsed, boolean atend)
void setEndTime (long end)
final void setStartTime (long start)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static final String DEFAULT_ENCODING
static final Logger log = LoggingManager.getLoggerForClass()

Private Member Functions

void setTimes (long start, long end)
void stampAndTime (long stamp, long elapsed)

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean haveNanoTime ()
static Method initNanoTimeMethod ()
static boolean isBinaryType (String ct)
static long nanoTime ()
static long sampleNsClockInMs ()

Private Attributes

volatile int allThreads = 0
List assertionResults
int bytes = 0
String contentType = ""
String dataEncoding
String dataType = ""
long endTime = 0
final Set files = new HashSet()
volatile int groupThreads = 0
long idleTime = 0
boolean isMonitor = false
String label = ""
long latency = 0
URL location
SampleResult parent = null
long pauseTime = 0
String requestHeaders = ""
String responseCode = ""
byte[] responseData = EMPTY_BA
String responseHeaders = ""
String responseMessage = ""
String resultFileName = ""
int sampleCount = 1
String samplerData
SampleSaveConfiguration saveConfig
long startTime = 0
boolean stopTest = false
boolean stopTestNow = false
boolean stopThread = false
List subResults
boolean success
String threadName = ""
long time = 0
long timeStamp = 0

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] BINARY_TYPES
static final AssertionResult[] EMPTY_AR = new AssertionResult[0]
static final byte[] EMPTY_BA = new byte[0]
static final SampleResult[] EMPTY_SR = new SampleResult[0]
static final Method nanoTimeMethod = initNanoTimeMethod()
static final String OK = Integer.toString(HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK)
static final long referenceTimeMsClock = System.currentTimeMillis()
static final long referenceTimeNsClock = haveNanoTime() ? sampleNsClockInMs() : Long.MIN_VALUE
static final long serialVersionUID = 233L
static final boolean startTimeStamp = JMeterUtils.getPropDefault("sampleresult.timestamp.start", false)
static final String TOTAL_TIME = "totalTime"

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