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void org::apache::jmeter::protocol::java::test::SleepTest::setupTest ( JavaSamplerContext  context  )  [inline]

Do any initialization required by this client. In this case, initialization consists of getting the values of the SleepTime and SleepMask parameters. It is generally recommended to do any initialization such as getting parameter values in the setupTest method rather than the runTest method in order to add as little overhead as possible to the test.

context the context to run with. This provides access to initialization parameters.

Reimplemented from org::apache::jmeter::protocol::java::sampler::AbstractJavaSamplerClient.

Definition at line 90 of file SleepTest.java.

References DEFAULT_SLEEP_MASK, DEFAULT_SLEEP_TIME, org::apache::jmeter::protocol::java::sampler::AbstractJavaSamplerClient::getLogger(), org::apache::jmeter::protocol::java::sampler::JavaSamplerContext::getLongParameter(), listParameters(), sleepMask, sleepTime, and whoAmI().

        getLogger().debug(whoAmI() + "\tsetupTest()");

        sleepTime = context.getLongParameter("SleepTime", DEFAULT_SLEEP_TIME);
        sleepMask = context.getLongParameter("SleepMask", DEFAULT_SLEEP_MASK);

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