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boolean org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSamplerBase::getSendFileAsPostBody (  )  [inline, inherited]

Determine if the file should be sent as the entire Post body, i.e. without any additional wrapping

true if specified file is to be sent as the body, i.e. FileField is blank

Definition at line 346 of file HTTPSamplerBase.java.

References org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSamplerBase::getHTTPFiles(), and org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::util::HTTPFileArg::getPath().

Referenced by org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSamplerBase::getUseMultipartForPost(), and org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSampler2::sendPutData().

        // If there is one file with no parameter name, the file will
        // be sent as post body.
        HTTPFileArg[] files = getHTTPFiles();
        return (files.length == 1)
            && (files[0].getPath().length() > 0)
            && (files[0].getParamName().length() == 0);

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