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void org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSamplerBase::setPath ( String  path,
String  contentEncoding 
) [inline, inherited]

Sets the Path attribute of the UrlConfig object Also calls parseArguments to extract and store any query arguments

path The new Path value
contentEncoding The encoding used for the querystring parameter values

Definition at line 440 of file HTTPSamplerBase.java.

References org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::sampler::HTTPSamplerBase::parseArguments().

        if (GET.equals(getMethod()) || DELETE.equals(getMethod())) {
            int index = path.indexOf(QRY_PFX);
            if (index > -1) {
                setProperty(PATH, path.substring(0, index));
                // Parse the arguments in querystring, assuming specified encoding for values
                parseArguments(path.substring(index + 1), contentEncoding);
            } else {
                setProperty(PATH, path);
        } else {
            setProperty(PATH, path);

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