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org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::proxy::ProxyControl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::jmeter::protocol::http::proxy::ProxyControl:

org::apache::jmeter::control::GenericController org::apache::jmeter::control::Controller

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Detailed Description

Class handles storing of generated samples, etc

Definition at line 74 of file ProxyControl.java.

Public Member Functions

void addConfigElement (ConfigElement config)
void addExcludedPattern (String pattern)
void addIncludedPattern (String pattern)
void addIterationListener (LoopIterationListener lis)
void addTestElement (TestElement child)
boolean canRemove ()
void clear ()
void clearExcludedPatterns ()
void clearIncludedPatterns ()
Object clone ()
synchronized void deliverSampler (HTTPSamplerBase sampler, TestElement[] subConfigs, SampleResult result)
boolean equals (Object o)
boolean getAssertions ()
boolean getCaptureHttpHeaders ()
String getComment ()
String getContentTypeExclude ()
String getContentTypeInclude ()
int getDefaultPort ()
CollectionProperty getExcludePatterns ()
int getGroupingMode ()
Class getGuiClass ()
boolean getHttpsSpoof ()
String getHttpsSpoofMatch ()
CollectionProperty getIncludePatterns ()
String getName ()
int getPort ()
String getPortString ()
JMeterProperty getProperty (String key)
boolean getPropertyAsBoolean (String key, boolean defaultVal)
boolean getPropertyAsBoolean (String key)
double getPropertyAsDouble (String key)
float getPropertyAsFloat (String key)
int getPropertyAsInt (String key, int defaultValue)
int getPropertyAsInt (String key)
long getPropertyAsLong (String key)
String getPropertyAsString (String key, String defaultValue)
String getPropertyAsString (String key)
boolean getRegexMatch ()
boolean getSamplerDownloadImages ()
boolean getSamplerFollowRedirects ()
boolean getSamplerRedirectAutomatically ()
int getSamplerTypeName ()
JMeterTreeNode getTarget ()
JMeterContext getThreadContext ()
String getThreadName ()
boolean getUseKeepalive ()
int hashCode ()
void initialize ()
boolean isDone ()
boolean isEnabled ()
boolean isRunningVersion ()
boolean isTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
Sampler next ()
PropertyIterator propertyIterator ()
void recoverRunningVersion ()
void removeProperty (String key)
void setAssertions (boolean b)
void setCaptureHttpHeaders (boolean capture)
void setComment (String comment)
void setContentTypeExclude (String contentTypeExclude)
void setContentTypeInclude (String contentTypeInclude)
void setExcludeList (Collection list)
void setFirst (boolean b)
void setGroupingMode (int grouping)
void setHttpsSpoof (boolean b)
void setHttpsSpoofMatch (String s)
void setIncludeList (Collection list)
void setName (String name)
void setPort (String port)
void setPort (int port)
void setProperty (String name, int value, int dflt)
void setProperty (String name, int value)
void setProperty (String name, boolean value, boolean dflt)
void setProperty (String name, boolean value)
void setProperty (String name, String value, String dflt)
void setProperty (String name, String value)
void setProperty (JMeterProperty property)
void setRegexMatch (boolean b)
void setRunningVersion (boolean runningVersion)
void setSamplerDownloadImages (boolean b)
void setSamplerFollowRedirects (boolean b)
void setSamplerRedirectAutomatically (boolean b)
void setSamplerTypeName (int samplerTypeName)
void setTarget (JMeterTreeNode target)
void setTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
void setThreadContext (JMeterContext inthreadContext)
void setThreadName (String inthreadName)
void setUseKeepAlive (boolean b)
void startProxy () throws IOException
void stopProxy ()
void traverse (TestElementTraverser traverser)

Static Public Attributes

static final String COMMENTS = "TestPlan.comments"
static final int DEFAULT_PORT = 8080
static final String DEFAULT_PORT_S
static final String ENABLED = "TestElement.enabled"
static final int GROUPING_ADD_SEPARATORS = 1
static final int GROUPING_IN_CONTROLLERS = 2
static final int GROUPING_NO_GROUPS = 0
static final int GROUPING_STORE_FIRST_ONLY = 3
static final String GUI_CLASS = "TestElement.gui_class"
static final String NAME = "TestElement.name"
static final int SAMPLER_TYPE_HTTP_SAMPLER = 0
static final int SAMPLER_TYPE_HTTP_SAMPLER2 = 1
static final String TEST_CLASS = "TestElement.test_class"

Protected Member Functions

void addProperty (JMeterProperty property)
void clearTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
void currentReturnedNull (Controller c)
void emptyTemporary ()
void fireIterationStart ()
void fireIterEvents ()
TestElement getCurrentElement () throws NextIsNullException
int getIterCount ()
List getSubControllers ()
void incrementCurrent ()
void incrementIterCount ()
boolean isFirst ()
void logProperties ()
void mergeIn (TestElement element)
Sampler nextIsAController (Controller controller) throws NextIsNullException
Sampler nextIsASampler (Sampler element) throws NextIsNullException
Sampler nextIsNull () throws NextIsNullException
void reInitialize ()
void removeCurrentElement ()
void resetCurrent ()
void resetIterCount ()
void setCurrentElement (TestElement currentElement) throws NextIsNullException
void setDone (boolean done)
void traverseCollection (CollectionProperty col, TestElementTraverser traverser)
void traverseMap (MapProperty map, TestElementTraverser traverser)
void traverseProperty (TestElementTraverser traverser, JMeterProperty value)

Protected Attributes

transient int current
transient List subControllersAndSamplers = new ArrayList()

Package Functions

boolean filterContentType (SampleResult result)
boolean filterUrl (HTTPSamplerBase sampler)

Private Member Functions

void addAssertion (JMeterTreeModel model, JMeterTreeNode node) throws IllegalUserActionException
void addDivider (JMeterTreeModel model, JMeterTreeNode node) throws IllegalUserActionException
void addSimpleController (JMeterTreeModel model, JMeterTreeNode node, String name) throws IllegalUserActionException
void addTimers (JMeterTreeModel model, JMeterTreeNode node, long deltaT)
Collection findApplicableElements (JMeterTreeNode myTarget, Class myClass, boolean ascending)
JMeterTreeNode findFirstNodeOfType (Class type)
JMeterTreeNode findTargetControllerNode ()
String generateMatchUrl (HTTPSamplerBase sampler)
boolean matchesPatterns (String url, CollectionProperty patterns)
void notifySampleListeners (SampleEvent event)
void notifyTestListenersOfEnd ()
void notifyTestListenersOfStart ()
void placeSampler (HTTPSamplerBase sampler, TestElement[] subConfigs, JMeterTreeNode myTarget)
void removeValuesFromSampler (HTTPSamplerBase sampler, Collection configurations)
void replaceValues (TestElement sampler, TestElement[] configs, Collection variables)

Private Attributes

boolean addAssertions
int groupingMode
long lastTime = 0
boolean regexMatch = false
boolean samplerDownloadImages
boolean samplerFollowRedirects
boolean samplerRedirectAutomatically
transient Daemon server
JMeterTreeNode target
boolean useKeepAlive

Static Private Attributes

static final String ADD_ASSERTIONS = "ProxyControlGui.add_assertion"
static final String ASSERTION_GUI = AssertionGui.class.getName()
static final String CAPTURE_HTTP_HEADERS = "ProxyControlGui.capture_http_headers"
static final String CONTENT_TYPE_EXCLUDE = "ProxyControlGui.content_type_exclude"
static final String CONTENT_TYPE_INCLUDE = "ProxyControlGui.content_type_include"
static final String EXCLUDE_LIST = "ProxyControlGui.exclude_list"
static final String GROUPING_MODE = "ProxyControlGui.grouping_mode"
static final String HEADER_PANEL = HeaderPanel.class.getName()
static final String HTTPS_SPOOF = "ProxyControlGui.https_spoof"
static final String HTTPS_SPOOF_MATCH = "ProxyControlGui.https_spoof_match"
static final String INCLUDE_LIST = "ProxyControlGui.include_list"
static final Logger log = LoggingManager.getLoggerForClass()
static final String LOGIC_CONTROLLER_GUI = LogicControllerGui.class.getName()
static final String PORT = "ProxyControlGui.port"
static final String REGEX_MATCH = "ProxyControlGui.regex_match"
static final long sampleGap
static final String SAMPLER_DOWNLOAD_IMAGES = "ProxyControlGui.sampler_download_images"
static final String SAMPLER_FOLLOW_REDIRECTS = "ProxyControlGui.sampler_follow_redirects"
static final String SAMPLER_REDIRECT_AUTOMATICALLY = "ProxyControlGui.sampler_redirect_automatically"
static final String SAMPLER_TYPE_NAME = "ProxyControlGui.sampler_type_name"
static final long serialVersionUID = 233L
static final String USE_KEEPALIVE = "ProxyControlGui.use_keepalive"

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