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org::apache::jmeter::config::Arguments Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::jmeter::config::Arguments:

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Detailed Description

A set of Argument objects.

Definition at line 35 of file Arguments.java.

Public Member Functions

void addArgument (String name, String value, String metadata)
void addArgument (Argument arg)
void addArgument (String name, String value)
void addConfigElement (ConfigElement config)
void addEmptyArgument ()
void addTestElement (TestElement parm1)
 Arguments ()
boolean canRemove ()
void clear ()
Object clone ()
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object o)
boolean expectsModification ()
Argument getArgument (int row)
int getArgumentCount ()
CollectionProperty getArguments ()
Map getArgumentsAsMap ()
String getComment ()
String getName ()
JMeterProperty getProperty (String key)
boolean getPropertyAsBoolean (String key, boolean defaultVal)
boolean getPropertyAsBoolean (String key)
double getPropertyAsDouble (String key)
float getPropertyAsFloat (String key)
int getPropertyAsInt (String key, int defaultValue)
int getPropertyAsInt (String key)
long getPropertyAsLong (String key)
String getPropertyAsString (String key, String defaultValue)
String getPropertyAsString (String key)
JMeterContext getThreadContext ()
String getThreadName ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isEnabled ()
boolean isRunningVersion ()
boolean isTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
PropertyIterator iterator ()
PropertyIterator propertyIterator ()
void recoverRunningVersion ()
void removeAllArguments ()
void removeArgument (String argName)
void removeArgument (Argument arg)
void removeArgument (int row)
void removeProperty (String key)
void setArguments (List arguments)
void setComment (String comment)
void setName (String name)
void setProperty (String name, int value, int dflt)
void setProperty (String name, int value)
void setProperty (String name, boolean value, boolean dflt)
void setProperty (String name, boolean value)
void setProperty (String name, String value, String dflt)
void setProperty (String name, String value)
void setProperty (JMeterProperty property)
void setRunningVersion (boolean runningVersion)
void setTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
void setThreadContext (JMeterContext inthreadContext)
void setThreadName (String inthreadName)
String toString ()
void traverse (TestElementTraverser traverser)

Static Public Attributes

static final String ARGUMENTS = "Arguments.arguments"
static final String COMMENTS = "TestPlan.comments"
static final String ENABLED = "TestElement.enabled"
static final String GUI_CLASS = "TestElement.gui_class"
static final String NAME = "TestElement.name"
static final String PASSWORD = "ConfigTestElement.password"
static final String TEST_CLASS = "TestElement.test_class"
static final String USERNAME = "ConfigTestElement.username"

Protected Member Functions

void addProperty (JMeterProperty property)
void clearTemporary (JMeterProperty property)
void emptyTemporary ()
void logProperties ()
void mergeIn (TestElement element)
void traverseCollection (CollectionProperty col, TestElementTraverser traverser)
void traverseMap (MapProperty map, TestElementTraverser traverser)
void traverseProperty (TestElementTraverser traverser, JMeterProperty value)

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